2022 Fantasy Football: How to draft from the 4th overall pick in the 0.5-PPR tournaments, starting with Cooper Kupp

When the best player in Fantasy Football last season falls to you with the number 4 pick, you don’t have to doubt it. Don’t look a gift horse in your mouth, as the saying goes – just take a Cooper Cup. Sure, it might not repeat last year’s historic production, but even a 10% overall drop would still outperform every other wide receiver from at least the last decade — and that’s only because I haven’t looked far back from it.

There are some pundits who have made the switch to Justin Jefferson as the #1 wide receiver, but if I’m picking anywhere after third overall in anything other than a non-PPR league, and Kupp is on the board, he’s on my team. The choices after that in our latest pick-up series were a little trickier.

The last time we did this exercise, I was picking fourth as well and taking Tyreek Hill my pick in round three; This time, I took it in a second. And I wasn’t sure if I liked its value the last third time. What has changed? Well, I’m more optimistic about Miami’s crime after watching it in pre-season, and the fact that this 0.5-PPR format makes my concerns about Hill’s total catch less worrisome. He’d get plenty of touches in Miami offense, and although explosive plays would be less abundant without Patrick Mahomes, he still generated yardage regularly.

Pick-by-Pick 0.5-PPR . Strategy: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Here are the rest of my team from fourth place:

1.4: Cooper Cobb, WR, rams
2.9: Terek Hill, WR, dolphins
3.4: Josh Allen, QB, Invoices
4.9: Ezekiel Elliott, right-back, Cowboys
5.4: DK Metcalfe, WR, Seahawks
6.9: Amon Ra Brown Street, WR, black
7.4: Devin Singletary, RB, Bells
8.9: Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, patriots
9.4: Chris Olaf, WR, saints
10.9: Isaiah Mackenzie, WR, Bills
11.4: Albert Okoigpunam, TE, Bronco
12.9: Romeo Dobbs, WR, Packers
13.4: JD Makisic, right-back, leaders
14.9: Eno Benjamin, right-back, basics
15.4: Philos Jones Jr., WR, bear

It’s funny, in both of our select series I ended up with Allen and Hill in rounds two and three, I just flipped the order. And like last time, I only had once in the first six picks. I don’t like Elliott as an RB1, especially given Tyron Smith’s knee/hamstring injury, but Elliott still seems like a fairly high pick – among the running backs that will likely be available in the fourth or fifth rounds, there’s probably no ‘ Anyone who has a better chance of getting an average of, say, 12-13 0.5-PPR points per game; He probably doesn’t have a very realistic track of, say, 20 PPG.

But I think I made up for that with an excellent WR team, but also some really nice complementary running backs. Devin Singletary’s use of pre-season suggests he could play a role similar to the one he closed in last season, as he dominated the first-team representatives alongside Allen; I don’t expect Singletary to average 17.5 0.5-PPR points per game as he has done over the last six games, including the playoffs, but it should be a solid start. And Stevenson could be more than solid as a potential pass for the Patriots, as well as any rash action he could pull Damian Harris off. Between those three, I should have two good backs most weeks.

Favorite choice

head portrait

Okwuegbunam has become my tight end of late. There was some consternation among Fantasy analysts when Okwuegbunam played deep in the fourth quarter of his second pre-season game, but the Broncos said at the time that it was just a matter of making him need actors as he was learning a new role in attack, then proceeded to sit down with the rest of the players. In the third game before the season. Okwuegbunam will have a high chance of this offense as a #3 option, and don’t be surprised if he lines up in the hole regularly. Rookie Greg Dulcich is on IR for the season opener, which makes me even more confident in Okwuegbunam.

Choose maybe regret

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I’m committed to taking on a top quarterback for most of my tournaments, and when I’m drafting with my QB-hating teammates, it usually means Allen in the first few rounds. And there’s always a risk that Allen is just a regular producer and not just a near 30 PPG scorer, in which case I might regret making that kind of bet on him. I don’t think I would, his skill set is very valuable, but if he runs a little too close to the goal line, it could happen.

Make or break a player

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Elliott has been better than he probably got when he’s been healthy the past two seasons, but between a nagging knee injury last season and a calf problem in 2022, he’s been playing a lot. Add to the Cowboys losing start a left-handed intervention for what could be the entire season, and this could be a tough place for Elliott to thrive in. I don’t think there is much realistic chance of Elliot losing playing time to Tony Pollard, but the worst outcome might be that Elliott has been active all season and not good enough to start, as was true a lot of last season.

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