Can using half a group of clubs improve your game?

Using half a set encourages creativity

Ryan Barath

I’ve been covered recently How to build a beginner group of clubsOne of the main questions that came from talking about simplifying the club selection process was for beginners “How about half a group?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

Half sets provide a great opportunity for beginners to enjoy the game, thanks in part to easier understanding of which clubs you have to hit anywhere around the track and figuring out shooting distances. They can also be easier on the wallet and, thanks to the take-out process, are also lighter to carry when walking the course.

What is a half set?

As the name implies, the half group consists of 8 clubs or less. Although technically not half of the 14 clubs allowed by golf rules, 7 clubs are full swing and a putter is pretty close.

If you’re a true pro, carrying 7 clubs or less can encourage a lot of imagination when working your way around the track, and for beginners, as mentioned above, it makes choosing a club more straightforward.

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Which clubs should be in half a group?

A driver moving away from the tee provides more tolerance.

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The only club you don’t want to give up when putting together a half-set is your driver, especially given the size and tolerance offered by the tee. Don’t just take my word for it, the stats have proven It pays to hit the driver for 3 wood Because it is longer and errors are better too.

Simple rules for building your own half set

Half set in a Sunday bag makes walking a breeze

Ryan Barath

be comfortable – Since you will have a driver and a racket in the bag no matter what, you need to fill in enough gaps to allow you to feel comfortable on the course. In most cases, the stakes are in front of the greens, so it’s better to have batons that you’ll miss for a long time under normal circumstances than to force yourself to do more difficult swings.

It’s okay to choose your favorites Favorite clubs are favorites for a reason, and even if they don’t quite fit the gap you’re trying to make, having a “go-to” club is great for stopping potential shots and getting close.

Know your gaps – It’s good to remember that most iron sets have 4-5 pitches between each racket at the bottom of the bag (PW-7 irons), but they get tighter as you move into the longer clubs. Although it may seem like an easy option, capturing all the odds or evens can leave you with huge gaps in the distances or feel stuck in 3 spaces. Instead, think about the shots you’ll take in the green around the course and choose accordingly. .


Without knowing any intimate details of any golfer or his game, this is how I would build the perfect half set: Driver, 5/7-wood, 5, 7, 9 iron, gap wedge, sand wedge, paddle.

So whether you’re a beginner looking to build your first set, or an advanced golfer looking to work on the shooting industry, try taking fewer clubs to the course for more fun.

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