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This week’s guest on Cardano column NFT is a project Build a Play To Earn ecosystem inspired by the popular Pokémon Yu-Gi-Oh! Digimon: the day of the universe.

last week’s guest It was Pixel art project is among the first 10k NFT sets.

This initiative is a reference point for NFTs on Cardano And every week or two we will invite someone to answer some questions and give us Live update from within the Cardano community.

Given that many of our readers are new to cryptographyAnd the We will have A mixture of simple and technical questions.

Cardano NFT Project: Yummi Universe

The Cardano NFT Project features the Yummi Universe with a cute mascot called Naru

Hey, it’s great to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Thank you for your message! Yummi Universe was started as a small project by founders David and Shannonwho manages one Cardano’s first stock rally (ENACT). The founders have met since then A team of people who are passionate about the project since they discovered it.

Our team consists of 11 members from almost all over the world while our founders are in London. have Various wallpapers Such as graphic design, game development, web development, music composition, cyber security, business, entrepreneurship, and computer science.

What is Yummi Universe? What kind of NFTs did you create and why did you choose Cardano for your project?

Yummi Universe aims to bring A group of creatures similar to Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! And Digimon and Moshi Monsters to the world of blockchain.

We have successfully launched Multiple sets of cool mascot Naruis actively working to develop a An entire ecosystem that uses our existing NFTsplus new tokens designed specifically to be in the future P2E . game.

Why we chose Cardano because Cardano is awesome! We believed in what Charles was talking about and in the power of decentralization and a more just system (specially TED TalkThe future will be decentralized). This is why we have invested in Cardano since its release in 2017. When the NFTs came out, David contacted the co-founder (Shannon) and they brought the Hungry Naru brand to Cardano under the new name Yummi Universe.

You are developing a game, please tell us more. Will it be a winning game? What do you think of this gaming model?

yes! We are developing trading card game! We aim to create a card collecting game where the gameplay is Mix of Pokémon, Slay the Spire, and Hearthstonecentered around different NFT cards and original Cardano token.

to benefit from YUMMI symbol $Players will be able to Collect card packs To assemble their floors! To get new cards, you must Unlocked packs can be purchased with YUMMI tokens $ In the store, each is available for a limited time. Once a new package is released or a certain period of time has passed, the previous package will be discontinued and will only be available through secondary marketsmaking supply limited and shrinking as people open it up over time.

The game will consist of different ways to enjoy playing, such as Adventure mode and player-versus-player tournaments. Create the perfect deck for Battle opponents It will be the key to guarantee victory!

The stealth climax of a futuristic game set in the Yummi Universe

will be the game play to earn model but it will also be Free to play! Meaning, you don’t need to own Yummi Universe NFTs to start playing. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our game and join the community.

games always Players are rewarded with progression and various items. Blockchain technology makes it possible Giving players full custody of their acquired assets. In this sense, we do not see a fundamental difference between blockchain games and traditional games, but we acknowledge that it has led to New types of ecosystem which is categorized as Play-to-Earn.

What does the future hold? Where do you imagine the Yummi Universe after 1 and 5 years respectively?

Now we are busy making a file New leaf and build a new websiteand at the same time working on game development.

We have two different games in scope, while we are currently focusing our development on one game at a time. We would love to see the full release of this game in a yearwith the other game in development as well.

IQ: 5 years ago, we wanted to publish many titlesYummi Universe isn’t just a gaming company. We have always focused on making a positive impact as our The brand focuses on health, psychological awareness and happiness. With this, we want to reach a larger audience while expanding the monster collecting franchise into new media like manga and tvwith ways to explore Decentralize our platform in multiple ways.

Example of a world map within the Play To Earn ecosystem

amazing. Any additional comments? Where can people learn more about the project?

We encourage users to stop by discord. The team is always available to help answer questions. We also have Several media channels within Discord that provide comprehensive knowledge about various aspects of the Yummi Universe Project! Updates are provided in the Announcements pane of Discord as well as in the Admin Yummi Universe Twitter.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of the interviewees are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Cardano Foundation or the IOG. Furthermore, this content is for educational purposes, and does not constitute financial advice.

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