Possible notes: Alvarez, Young, Casas, Rodriguez

There was some concern about that mets highest probability Francisco Alvarez He may require surgery on his ailing right ankle, but the team has received relatively good news on that front, Tweets Anthony Dicomo of MLB.com. While Alvarez has a loose body in his ankle, he will not have surgery and will instead receive an injection to relieve some of his discomfort. The hope is that Alvarez can resume baseball activities as soon as next week.

Alvarez, 20, ranks among the top ten potential players in every baseball game in the majority of publications and is currently the top potential player in the game at FanGraphs and MLB.com. He tore through Double-A earlier this season despite being one of the league’s youngest players, scoring .277/.368/.553 with 18 home runs and 16 doubles through 296 games. However, Alvarez faltered a bit on Triple-A, cutting just 0.180/.340/.378 on his 141-board debut. His strike rate increased from 24% in Double-A to 28.4% in Triple-A. Alvarez hasn’t played a game since August 23.

More notes on some of the game’s best odds…

  • Notice Fans (understandably) are demanding a third baseman Josh Jong To be his first major league appearance, the general manager Chris Young and interim manager Tony Beasley Discussed with Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News The team’s decision to postpone his promotion until now. Texas is also taking a look at the possibility Ezequiel Duran, who plays third base in the major leagues now and will be removed with a Mahjong promotion. We have a chance to play [Duran] “We just want to take advantage of that so it doesn’t exist,” Beasley said. From a bigger viewpoint, Jung still has only 83 plate appearances in Triple-A after missing the first four months of the season due to shoulder surgery. Grant points out that Jung didn’t spend a full week playing third base every day – he’s spent eight games in the DH – and the Rangers will want to see him in the hot corner as often as possible in the major leagues. When Jung originally had surgery, it was expected that he would miss the majority of the season and possibly be able to get a DH for a few weeks late in the year. It beat both the schedule and DH drop only, and it decimated the Triple A to a .299/ .349/ .610 hit line tone. It still looks like Jung will debut in the near future, but Young confirmed that the organization is focusing on his long-term outlook rather than getting his racket into the big league squad as soon as possible.
  • while slugger Triston Casas was not among the red socksSeptember initial calls, boss Alex Korra He said on WEEI’s Merloni and Fauria & Mego this week that the team discussed giving the Casas their first taste of the major tournaments sometime this month (Twitter link via Steve Hewitt for the Boston Herald). Casas, 22, missed two months with an ankle sprain, but has been excellent since his return to the squad at Triple-A Worcester, hitting .300/.410/.515 with five homeowners, 11 doubles and triples in 156 appearances. for the plate. The 6’4″, 252-pound number one baseball player is one of the best bats in juniors and ranks 31 or better among all MLB prospects at The Athletic, MLB.com, Baseball America and FanGraphs. The Red Sox will have to add Casas to their 40-man list this winter in order to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft anyway, so there’s plenty of reasons to take a look at him early.
  • right hand Grayson Rodriguez Make his debut for Orioles A member of Three Months last night, returning from a tier 2 dynasty that, at one point, threatened the remainder of his season. Rodriguez made only 31 throws in 1 1/3 rounds with Aberdeen Class I and was knocked out after two back-to-back walks in the second half. He told reporters after the match that he simply accessed the stadium count provided by the organization on his first appearance since June 1 (Link via Steve Melewski from MASNsports.com). Considered by many to be the game’s best prospect, Rodriguez beat Triple-A formations before his injury, hitting a 2.09 ERA with a 37.4% strike rate and 6.5% walking rate over 56 rounds. He’s not on the 40-man roster right now, but he’ll need to be added in the off-season or else he’ll be eligible for Base 5, so it’s at least likely that O will call him up for the big league late in the regular season. season if his rehabilitation work progresses well.

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