Schalak takes sixth place, Makalusu and Lothin are eighth in the World Beach Championships final in Romania

Isabeau Shallack (USA) and Ty Loethen (USA) compete in the 2022 World Beach Championships final in Romania.
Isabeau Shallack (USA) and Ty Loethen (USA) compete in the 2022 World Beach Championships final in Romania. Cheryl Baynard Pictures.

CONSTANTA, ROMANIA – Isabu Schalak of Oak Lawn, Illinois, finished sixth in the women’s over-70kg weight class, the highest in the Beach World Championships final at Mamaia Beach on Sunday.

No United States athlete qualified for the championship bracket, and finished their championship with the group competition completed.

Schalak finished second in Group B with a score of 2-1. She beat fellow American teammate Maren Anderson on Saturday, then split her match on Sunday. Schalak scored a hypothetical victory due to injury over Romanian Elena Margas, and then fell to Greek Ekaterni Pitsiafa 3-1.

Betsiafa won the second set and advanced to the semi-finals, along with the winners of Group A and Group C. The last place in the semi-finals came from Greece and Group C runner-up Stefania Zachilla, who scored five classification points, while Schalak scored four classification points.

Four American wrestlers placed third in their group, but did not advance: Mia Macaluso of Otisville, New York (Group A, 60kg), Mitchell Cook of Orland Park, Illinois (Group B, 70kg), Ty Luthin of Columbia, MO. (Group One, 80kg) and Jamal Morris of Miami, Florida (Group Four, 80kg).

Their final placements were eighth for Macaluso and Lothin, ninth for Cook and twelfth for Morris.

Schalak and Lothin were the only ones to win two matches in the United States. Overall, eight of the thirteen American athletes won at least one match during the two-day event.

The other American athletes in the top 10 were wrestlers Maren Anderson (ninth at over 70kg) and Josephine Wermouth of St. Charles, Iowa (ninth at 60kg).

The United States ranked eighth in the men’s team and ninth in the women’s team. Only one player earns points in each weight class for his country. Cook and Luthen had scoring points for the US team’s men, while Schalak and Macaluso scored points for the Americas.

When United World Wrestling announces the final standings for the 2022 Beach World Series events, a report will be published on where the American athletes ended up with a different story.

This was the third of five Beach World Series events that will set the stage for the 2023 Beach World Games in Bali, Indonesia, from August 5-12. The first two 2023 Beach World Series events will complete the qualification process. The top eight athletes for each weight and gender category from these five events will earn a spot in their NOC quota at the World Beach Games. The current rankings for the world beach stakes positions will also be reported as they become available from United World Wrestling.

In Constana, Romania, September 3-4

Women’s medals

50 kg
Gold – Kumari Hani (India).
Silver medal – Stefania Claudia Preisputo (Romania).
Bronze – Emine Cataloglu (Turkey)

60 kg
Gold medal – Irina Autumn (Ukraine).
Silver Medal – Elena Simona Ionescu (Romania).
Bronze Medal: Daria Medvetska (Ukraine).

70 kg
Gold medal – Mimi Nikolova Hristova (Bulgaria).
Silver Medal – Sofia Hristova Georgieva (Bulgaria)
Bronze Medal – Manon Curie (France)

More than 70 kg
Gold Medal – Catalina Accenti (Romania).
Silver Medal – Lyudmila Pavlovets Tychina (Ukraine).
Bronze Medal: Stefania Zacchila (Greece).

Men’s medal winners

70 kg

Gold medal – Levan Kilichashvili (Georgia).
Silver Medal – Ramiz Hasanov (Azerbaijan).
Bronze Medal – Yunus Coskun (Turkey).

80 kg
Gold: Nika Kinchadze (Georgia).
Silver Medal – Chapa Vida (Hungary).
Bronze Medal – Vijay (India).

90 kg
Gold Medal – Ibrahim Yusupov (Azerbaijan).
Silver Medal – Farid Jabarov (Azerbaijan).
Bronze medal – Mahmud Sefi Ă–zkaya (Turkey).

More than 90 kg
Gold Medal – Fatih Yasarli (Turkey).
Silver Medal – Mamuka Cordezaya (Georgia).
Bronze medal – Georgi Lyubomirov Ivanov (Bulgaria).

Results for adult women in the United States

50 kg – Laura White, Duanesburg, NY (Curby 3 Style WC), 12th place
Los Miglina Selicka (Bulgaria) 3-0, 0:23
Los Stefani Prespoto (Romania) 3-0 0:28
Los Justina Fanny Figuero (France) Pin 1:11

60kg – Mia Macaluso, Otisville, NY, 8th
Josephine Warmouth (USA) win pin 0:21
Los Irina Autumn (Ukraine) 3-0, 0:22
Los Maria Pez Delony (Spain) 3-0, 1:20

60kg – Bella Hoffman, Tega Cay, SC (Fort Mill High School), 12th place
Los Nicolette Szabo (Hungary) 3-0 0:56
Los Elena Ionesco (Romania) 3-0 0:42
LOSS Daria Medvetska (Ukraine), Pin 0:44

60kg – Josephine Wermouth, St. Charles, Iowa, 9th
WIN Angela Pires Goncalves (Portugal), pin 0:20
LOSS Mia Macaluso (USA), Pin 0:21
Los Maria Pez Delony (Spain), Pin 0:45
LOSS Iryna Khariv (Ukraine), Pin 0:06

Over 70 kg – Isabeau Shallack, Oak Lawn, Ill. (Evergreen Park Stallions WC), 6th place
Win Maren Anderson (USA), 3-0, 0:57
WIN Elena Margas (Romania), injury. dft.
Los Ekaterini Pitsiafa (Greece) 3-1, 2:54

Over 70kg – Marin Anderson, Tinley Park, Illinois (natural sports toilet), 9th place
Los Isabo Chalak (USA) 3-0, 0:57
Los Ekaterini Pitsiafa (Greece) 3-0 0:49
WIN Elena Margas (Romania), injury. dft

Over 70kg – Erin Kramer, Covington, Washington (Bombers WC), 13th place
Los Retica (India) 3-0, 0:51

US senior men’s results

70 kg – Mitchell Cook, Orlando Park, Illinois (natural sports toilet), 9th place
Los Yunus Coskun (Turkey) 2-1, 3:00
WIN Alin Ciorici (Moldova), pin, 0:34
Los Jorge Constantin (Romania) Pin 1:08

70 kg – Mike Clark. Louisville, Kentucky (Cardinal WC), 16th place
LOSS Dumitru Spiridon (Romania), Pin 0:39
LOSS Levan Kelekhsashvili (Georgia), pin 1:14
LOSS Rubal Ibrahimili (Azerbaijan), pin 1:02

80 kg Jamal Morris, Miami, Florida (Cardinal Gibbons High School) 12th place
Los Caspa Vida (Hungary), Pin, 0:04
Los Vijay (India) 2-1, 3:00
Konstantin Mania (Romania) 3-0, 0:54

80 kg – Tai Luthen, Columbia, Mo. (Purler Wrestling Academy), 8th place
Jose Vinager Alves Machado (Portugal) won 3-0, 1:32
WIN Evan LePrince (France), pin, 0:46
Los Dimitar Angelov (Bulgaria), Pin 0:24
LOSS Omid Adolali Kamaliaghdam (Azerbaijan), pin 0:22

90 kg- Jabari Irons, Fort Myers, Fla. (Irons Elite Wrestling) 13th place
Los Ilya Hristov (Bulgaria) Pin 0:57
Los Mihai Balaghia (Romania) 3-2, 1:06
Los Davit Khutishvili (Georgia) 3-0, 2:57

Over 90kg – Mark Bonilla, Marietta, Georgia (victory wrestling), 13th place
Los Zafar Aliyev (Azerbaijan) Pin 1:47
Los Aquilias Cressidis (Greece) 3-0, 1:05
Fatih Yasarli (Turkey) 2-1, 3:00 . win

Ladies order
1 Romania 175
2 Ukraine 53
3 India 47
4 France 37
5 Bulgaria 35
6 Turkey 24
7 Hungary 20
8 Greece 19
9 United States 15
10 Spain 12
11 Norway 8
12 Slovenia 6
13 Portugal 2
(from 15 countries)

men’s order
1 Georgia 82
2 Azerbaijan 63
3 Turkey 55
4 Romania 46
5 India 42
6 Hungary 26
7 Bulgaria 23
8 US 10
9 (tie) France and Greece 6
11 Holland, 2
(from 16 countries)

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