Stabbing attacks in Canada: 10 dead in Saskatchewan, suspects at large


Ten people were killed and at least 15 injured in a series of stabbing attacks that have put the entire Canadian province of Saskatchewan on alert as police tried to track down the two suspects, authorities said Sunday.

Police said the suspects are Damian Sanderson, 31, and Miles Sanderson, 30, remained at large hours after authorities began Receiving reports from about 5:40 a.m. local time of people being stabbed at James Smith Cree Nation and in Weldon Village.

“It appears that some of the victims may have been targeted and some may have been random,” Rhonda Blackmore, assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan, said at a news conference Sunday evening. “So talking about a motive would be very difficult at this time.”

Mass killings in Canada are relatively rare compared to the United States. The accident was one of the deadliest accidents in Canada since then Mass shootings in Nova Scotia in 2020 Which left 22 dead and triggered a national investigation In how the gunman evaded the police for more than 12 hours while he continued his rampage across the province.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the attacks in Saskatchewan as “horrific and heartbreaking”.

“I am thinking of those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured,” he said Wrote On Twitter late Sunday. He added that officials in Ottawa were “closely monitoring” the situation.

Police have not yet named any of the victims. In a statement, James Smith Cree Nation leaders declared a state of emergency in response to the “numerous murders and assaults against James Smith Cree Nation members.” The leaders represent three Aboriginal communities: the James Smith Cree Nation, the Chacastebasin Band, and the Peter Chapman Band.

While Indigenous peoples make up nearly 5 percent of Canada’s total population, they are overrepresented among the country’s victims of violence, according to the Official data. From 2015 to 2020, the rate of homicides involving an Indigenous victim was six times higher than the rate of homicides involving non-Indigenous victims.

Investigators are examining 13 crime scenes. At least 15 people have been hospitalized, Blackmore said, and “there may be more injured victims who have taken themselves to hospital.”

Police said they are still investigating the nature of the relationship between the Sandersons And whether it was known to the police. in mayoIt was Miles Sanderson included As “unlawfully on the loose” by Saskatchewan CrimeStoppers – a community initiative designed to enlist public assistance to solve crimes and missing persons cases.

The couple’s last public sighting – which police described as weaponized and dangerous – was in Regina, 200 miles south, shortly before midday on Sunday. Authorities said the men may have been in a black Nissan Rogue crossover with a Saskatchewan license plate.

An initial alert was issued at approximately 7:12 a.m. to nearby communities, including Candle Lake, Prince Albert, Melfort, Humboldt and Rostern, informing the public of multiple stabbing incidents and urging people to seek shelter. This alert was later expanded across the province and into neighboring Alberta and Manitoba—a vast area of ​​about 800,000 square miles.

“At this time, we have no indication that they have traveled to another county. But because they are in a vehicle, we cannot say with 100 percent certainty where they are now, and we think it is prudent to notify residents of those counties,” Blackmore said.

The police inspection came as thousands of fans descended on the county capital to buy the annual out of stock Labor Day game Between the Saskatchewan Rogriders of the Canadian Football League and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said additional police have been added to the usual game-day security.

He called on members of the public to provide any information that might assist in the arrest of the two men. “It is safe to say that someone knows the whereabouts of these suspects,” he told reporters.

This is an evolving story that will be updated. Laetitia Beechum contributed to this report.

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