Why does Keri Haider feel “home” with 49 people after time with the Seahawks

Keri Haider’s putting together of the 53-man roster may come as a surprise to those outside the 49ers headquarters, but not to the coaches and players inside.

Hyder was calm and steady Work since signing with the club The following March Season with the Seattle Seahawks. The veteran defensive lineman told NBC Sports Bay Area that returning to California to play with defensive line coach Chris Kokorick felt natural.

“It’s like going home,” Haidar said during the training camp. “I’ve spent most of my career with him, so there’s a level of comfort. Having a coach who believes in you goes a long way. I’m grateful for the time I had in Seattle, but it feels so good to be back where I live, and I feel like I can be successful.”

Hyder came on his own under Kocurek when the Detroit Lions signed Texas Tech as an uncut free agent in 2015. Hyder’s best season in the NFL was under Kocurek. In 2016, Hyder recorded 19 quarterback hits, eight sacks, and 11 tackles for a loss with the Lions.

In 2020 with the 49ers, Hyder is booming again with similar stats. The defensive line player scored 18 quarterback hits, 8.5 sacks, and 10 tackles for a loss. The 31-year-old is ready to get back to that level of productivity after scoring 1.5 sacks as a Seahawk along with 11 quarterback strokes and only three tackles for a loss.

Hyder will be sharing the field with an arguably the strongest group on the team that includes All-Pro Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead and Javon Kinlaw. Haider sees a talented group as an opportunity for each player to get the best out of the competition.

“We have a deep room and I feel like we’re really filling as a group,” Haider said. “We compete and push each other. It’s not different from other years but you can definitely tell there is something special with this group.”

until In its seventh seasonHyder never stops putting work in the field. The self-proclaimed handyman was a top recipient of the daily SWARM Award (Special Work Ethic & Uncompromising Mindset) from Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans during bootcamp awarded for effort while training. Haider, along with Fred Warner and Bossa, was the most well-known of the players.

He can play, he can play interference,” Ryans said during training camp. “He can move up and down the line of defense in any position. And he’s smart enough that he won’t go bankrupt. And he’s the guy who never makes a mistake on the inside, no matter where you put him. He’s always on it.”

Haider’s humble beginnings are a reason his work ethic remains consistently high, but the defensive lineman also credits Kocurek for helping give him a chance. This combination is what kept him in the league for seven seasons.

“Being a guy who doesn’t necessarily have the ‘measurable items’ in the league, you need someone who believes in your abilities,” Haider said. “Chris has always been that guy at the table for me. I may not be the 6’5 guy, but he thinks I can be on edge and play there.”

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Haider was seen mostly on the inner part of the defensive line during his first mission in the Gulf region. Now that Javon Kinlaw and Arik Armstead are healthy and with the addition of Hassan Ridgway, Hyder is seen from the outside as a fast lane.

Where the coaching staff decides to play Hyder does not matter the veteran, which exemplifies his humble team-centric attitude.

“I just want to help the team in any way I can,” Haider said. “Last year they were in an away game and I want to help out in any way I can. Inside, outside, the scouting team, whatever. I just want the team to get better and that’s been my style throughout my career.”

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